Come and Play with Kasper and His Friends
Kasper theater is fun for the whole family.  
Kasper and his friends come alive for children
as soon as the play starts.  When watching a
skit, the children learn important values in a
safe and healthy way.  In this world of make-
believe, children are free to express their
thoughts and creativity.  While role-playing,
children relive their daily experiences learning
to understand the feelings of others,
developing a sense of right and wrong, and
freeing themselves from fears and worries.  
Adults, whether playing along or just watching,
can gain valuable insight into children’s
motivations and feelings.  At the same time,
children are also developing their motor and
verbal skills.
Kasper is our unbeatable hero.  He
laughs and jokes, even in the face of
danger.  Kasper is always ready for an
adventure with his friends.  He uses
puns, wordplay, and wit and to win the
day.  Since Kasper is childlike himself,
children identify closely with him.  In the
skits, children accompany Kasper on his
adventures, and together they bravely
face danger.
Gretel is Kasper’s good friend.  She is
clever, practical, and helpful.  She often
helps Kasper by outsmarting the
villains.  With her many positive traits,
Gretel is a  good female role model.
Story Ideas
Children spontaneously make up stories as
puppet play progresses.  They quickly begin to
create their own situations and dialog.  The
following pages provide several interesting
stories and descriptions of the major
characters.  You will realize that puppet play
isn’t just about fairy tales.  Modern topics and
themes are easily expressed and developed.  
We’ve provided the ideas for several stories.  
Encourage your child to think up an ending.  
The most important thing is to have fun and
spend quality time with your child.
Joey is Kasper’s other good friend.  
Joey is easygoing, occasionally clever,
and strong.  He never passes up a good
meal.  He often warns Kasper about
going on risky adventures and scares
The Enchanted Flower
The Policeman represents authority and
society’s laws.  He is a good friend and
helps to set things right.  The Policeman
is often asked for advice.  Though he
may overlook Kasper’s pranks, he will
give Kasper a stern look or warning
reinforcing the value of rules in society.
Princess Celina was bored in her huge,
beautiful castle.  She had everything money
could buy, yet she was still lonesome.

Princess       Oh father, I wish I had a friend so
I wouldn’t feel lonely anymore.
King                Look here, the gardener found
this flower under the light of a full moon in
front of our castle door last night.  It is so
beautiful that even you will find joy in it.  Now
don’t be sad.
Princess       This flower really is beautiful!  I
want to always have it in my sight.

However, the longer she looked at the flower,
the sadder she became.  She cried and her
tears fell on petals of the flower.

Flower           Why are you crying, Princess?
Princess       Hey, what’s that?  My flower can
Flower           Your tears have brought me to
Princess       You know, I wish so much that I
could find someone I can talk to.  Someone
who can make me laugh.
Flower          Let me be your friend.

The Princess spent many days with the flower.  
She woke up early with it, went to walks with it,
and went to sleep with it.  However, soon it
seemed the flower was not doing well.  It grew
more crooked and began to wilt.

Princess       What is wrong with you?
Flower            I believe the day has come that
we must bid each other farewell.
Princess       No, no, please don’t leave me.  
What can I do to help you?

What could the Princess do to keep flower
with her?
The Robber is rotten, mean, filthy, a liar,
and lazy to boot!  He is very strong, but
luckily he isn’t very bright.  Hence, he is
always caught and punished.
Witch Pickle Nose
Kasper asks the children if they have seen the
Witch Pickle Nose.  He tells the children he hasn’
t seen her personally, but he heard about her
from Joey, who heard about her from Grandma,
who heard about her from the Wizard, who heard
about her from the Robber, and he saw her first
hand.  She has a nose like a great big, green
pickle.  Witch Pickle Nose finally walks by with a
bandage on her nose, and Kasper talks to her.

What is under that big bandage?  How can
Kasper help her?  Are things exaggerated?  
What about the Witch’s feelings?
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