The Crocodile Escapes!
The King tells Kasper the Crocodile has
escaped from the zoo and asks for his
help.  What can Kasper use to catch the
Crocodile.  Perhaps a sleeping potion from
the Wizard?  Maybe some rope (string)
from Grandma?  In the forest, Kasper hides
behind a tree and asks the kids to call him
when they see the Crocodile.  When the
Crocodile appears, there is much chasing,
but in the end Kasper will get the Crocodile.
 Will Joey be bait?  This is a raucous play in
the classic Kasper style!
Besides being evil, stubborn, easily
annoyed, and crafty, the
Witch can cast
spells and often teams up other villains.  
She is the role children frequently
choose to act out aggression or
unexpressed conflict.
The Littering Crocodile
Kasper and Joey are fishing when suddenly
they find a small, clear plastic bag in the

Kasper      Huh?  What is floating over there
in the water?

Joey           I don’t know.  It looks like a see-
though fish.

Kasper      Say kids, do you know what kind
of strange fish that is?

The children help guess…

Kasper      Perhaps it is a “bag fish” or a
“look-through trout.”

From the side, the Crocodile appears in the
water.  Joey sees it and begins to shake
with fright.

Kasper      What’s wrong, Joey?  Are you

Joey          (still shaking) There, there, there!

Kasper      No, Joey.  I don’t think it’s a
there-there-there fish.  I’ll get one out of the

Suddenly, the Crocodile springs forward
and opens its mouth wide.  Startled, Kasper
falls head first into the water.  Joey pulls
him back to shore.  There they notice the
Crocodile sitting at the shore eating
peanuts from one of the bags.

What does this have to do with the
strange “bag fish?”  Will Kasper be able
to solve this mystery?  Questions and
more questions.

One thing is clear… Kasper will need your
The Wizard is powerful, wise, and
helpful.  He only uses his powers for
good.  However, he tends to take himself
too seriously, and when Kasper is
having fun at his expense, he will often
ask, “Don’t you know who I am?”  The
Wizard’s outrageous entrances are often
a great source of laughter.
The Crocodile has a large snapping
mouth filled with sharp teeth.  He is a
mindless eating machine.
Grandma is both wise and an expert on
manners.  She is the calm point in any
Kasper play.  Grandma often rewards
Kasper and Joey with sausages after
their adventures.  By allowing her
grandchildren their adventures without
being too strict, Grandma leads the
children down the path to individual
The King is powerful and just in his
decisions.  He rewards the characters
for their bravery.  It is often only with
Kasper’s help that the King can remove
danger from his realm.  The royal family
often represents the child’s own family.  
These characters are also used to
imitate adult relationships such as
courtship and marriage.
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