KERSA is Europe's Number 1 hand puppet
maker.  Puppet crafting has been a family
tradition for 3 generations.  With their
colorful ensemble, younger and older
puppeteers can perform almost every
well-known fairy tale as well as stories
from their own imaginations.  Each KERSA
figure is individually created by an artist and
has its own unique personality.  The
puppets' faces have very expressive
KERSA Classic
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KERSA offers a selection of over 100 cloth
puppets (KERSA Classic).  This is their most
popular line of figures.  The cloth puppets weigh
only 60 grams; therefore, they are well suited for
the hands of children, as well as of adults.  Every
single cloth head is stuffed by hand, shaped,
embroidered and painted with loving care.  
KERSA's charming Beni series features 40 different base
models with heads of lathed natural wood.  The light grain gives
the figures a natural and life-like appearance.  Especially
endearing is the funny nose on the hand-painted faces of these
puppets.  The diameter of the heads is 60 mm.  
Kersa's Fipu series consists of 80 wooden finger puppets.  
These cute wooden finger puppets have a height of 10 cm
without legs; the diameter of their heads is 35 mm.  Each of
them is hand-painted, has a funny nose, and a body made
of high quality material.  About 80 different finger puppets
are available.
The series of 40 hand-carved, wooden Micha puppets is of special interest.  
Kersa's hand-carved Micha puppets were created by their in-house wood sculptor
(a true master in his field).  Selected precious natural woods are used for these
puppets. Each puppet weighs only 120 grams. Carving and painting every head by
hand is part of the elaborate process of creating these unique and incomparable
figures, esteemed by the collector as a real treasure.  A certificate of authenticity
guarantees your ownership of a true Micha puppet.
Quality & Safety
Kersa has always insisted on quality and safety.  
Their puppets' clothing is made of wool felt,
natural cotton, and precious silk.  The colors are
pure and bright. Trimmings, laces, pockets, and
buttons are not simply printed, but sewn on or
into the material.  All of Kersa's puppets have
child-proof, tightly sewn-in eyes.  The complete
line of Kersa products wear the CE-label and are
in accordance with the EN-71 norm.  Double
quality controls ensure perfection.
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