Kasper's Cousins
Forms of Pulcinella can be found throughout Europe and even Turkey.  
The characters have different names in various countries.  In France,
he is known as Guignol.  In the Netherlands, he is Jan Klassen.  
Turkey's Karagoz probably came from the Greek Karaghiozis.  

Stravinsky made the Russian Petrouchka famous with his ballet of the
same name.  The Petrouchka story involves three puppets
(Petruschka, the Ballerina, and the Moor) that come to life.  Eventually,
Petruschka is murdered by the Moor out of jealousy for the Ballerina.  In
the final scene, it's discoverd that Petruschka was just stuffed with hay
all along.
Stravinsky's Petrouchka
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