KERSA Classic Series
Story Ideas
Children spontaneously make up stories
as puppet play progresses.  They quickly
begin to create their own situations and
dialog.  The following pages provide
several interesting stories and descriptions
of the major characters.  You will realize
that puppet play isn’t just about fairy tales.  
Modern topics and themes are easily
expressed and developed.  We’ve provided
the ideas for several stories.  Encourage
your child to think up an ending.  The most
important thing is to have fun and spend
quality time with your child.
Witch Pickle Nose
Kasper asks the children if they have seen
the Witch Pickle Nose.  He tells the children
he hasn’t seen her personally, but he
heard about her from Joey, who heard
about her from Grandma, who heard about
her from the Wizard, who heard about her
from the Robber, and he saw her first
hand.  She has a nose like a great big,
green pickle.  Witch Pickle Nose finally
walks by with a bandage on her nose, and
Kasper talks to her.

What is under that big bandage?  How
can Kasper help her?  Are things
exaggerated?  What about the Witch’s
Holding the Puppet
The Crocodile Escapes!
The King tells Kasper the Crocodile has
escaped from the zoo and asks for his
help.  What can Kasper use to catch the
Crocodile.  Perhaps a sleeping potion from
the Wizard?  Maybe some rope (string)
from Grandma?  In the forest, Kasper hides
behind a tree and asks the kids to call him
when they see the Crocodile.  When the
Crocodile appears, there is much chasing,
but in the end Kasper will get the Crocodile.
 Will Joey be bait?  This is a raucous play in
the classic Kasper style!
King Bidgood Book

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