Kasper Puppets welcomes you to the traditional world of fairy tales and
fantasy featuring classic European hand puppets.  Kasper Theater is a
classic among German toys.  Through pretend play, children learn
about the world around them and how to empathize with others.  You
may remember Kasper, Punch and Judy, or even Guignol from your
childhood.  Kasper puppets are an unforgettable and valuable
childhood experience.  KERSA artisans understand this better than any
other puppet makers.  Each puppet is still handcrafted in Germany.  
Whether you are looking for toys that will stimulate your child's
imagination, long for the nostalgia of your childhood, or are an avid toy
collector, we're sure you will be pleased with these world-class
products.  Adventure, fairy tales, and endless fun await with KERSA
The King is powerful and just in his
decisions.  He rewards the
characters for their bravery.  It is often
only with Kasper’s help that the King
can remove danger from his realm.  
The royal family often represents the
child’s own family.  These characters
are used to imitate adult relationships.

Besides being evil, stubborn, easily
annoyed, and crafty, the
Witch can cast
spells and often teams up other villains.  
She is the role children frequently choose
to act out aggression or unexpressed
Kasper is our unbeatable hero.  He laughs
and jokes in the face of danger.  Kasper is
always ready for adventure with his friends.  
He uses puns, wordplay, and wit and to win
the day.  Since Kasper is childlike, children
identify closely with him.  In the skits, they
accompany Kasper on his adventures and
together bravely face danger.
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Punch, Guignol, and Pulcinella are all
Kasper's cousins.  Discover their origin.
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